Andrei´s LCARS-Beans 0.9b

Andrei´s LCARS-Beans 0.9b is a collection of 8 visible and 2 invisible JavaBeans, which are designed to look much like the control and design elements on the computer consoles in StarTrek.

Andrei´s LCARS-Beans 0.9b contains:
design elements
- LcarsEdge - an Edge
- LcarsHCircle - a filled Half Circle
- LcarsPanel - a Panel
control elements
- LcarsButton - a Button
- LcarsMLButton - a Multiline Button
- LcarsCheckBox - a CheckBox
- LcarsCheckBoxGroup - a bean to group 2 or more LcarsCheckBoxes
- LcarsGauge - a Gauge
- LcarsTrackBar - a Trackbar
- LcarsTimer - a (simple) Timer

Source of Demo-Applet:

For a little inspiration here are some screenshots from StarTrek:DS9, Voyager and StarTrek:Captain´s Chair showing Computer Consoles:
LCARS Computer Consoles Gallery 1 LCARS Computer Consoles Gallery 2
LCARS Computer Consoles Gallery 3 LCARS Computer Consoles Gallery 4

The Voyager pictures came from